the surefire way to a straighter smile without wire and metal braces in Clarksburg, WV!


By Dr. Roger Suter

The SureSmiles system uses clear aligner trays to reposition teeth and jaws for straighter, healthier smiles without metal braces. All Smiles Dental offers the discreet teeth straightening solution.

Uses advanced technologies that can shorten treatment times (three months to one year).

Fewer office visits for adjustments

Clear, invisible plastic trays

Can be easily removed and cleaned

Can enjoy your favorite foods

Advantages of SureSmiles

Consultation with dentist to evaluate your suitability for SureSmiles

Creating digital impressions of your mouth with a 3D scanner to plan treatment

Once the aligners are ready, your dentist will explain how to wear and care for them. Wear each for a few weeks, and move on to the next.

The procedure

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