Why You Should Choose All Smiles

All Smiles Dental is different. We do not want to be a normal dental office. We want to be your dental home. The vision of All Smiles Dental is to use technology and compassion to provide an exceptional dental experience for every patient, every time!

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All Smiles Dental Front Office

Our Office Experience

When you call our office, you will be greeted by one of our courteous staff members; some of the sweetest and most caring people you could ever meet. Our office offers plenty of parking and when you walk into the front, you feel like you’re walking into a living room. There is a 65-inch flat screen on the wall and a beautiful, Appalachian stone fireplace. The patient lounge is large and spacious so you will have room to stretch out. However, don’t get too comfortable, All Smiles Dental values your time and we know you are here for an appointment, not to sit by the fireplace. We love to run on time and our goal is to have you in the operatory at, or before, your appointment time. Our operatories are spacious and equipped with all the latest dental equipment and technology. We built our dental operatories much larger than most dental office so patients would not feel claustrophobic in a small space. Each room has a 40-inch flat screen to watch tv or we can display x-rays or intraoral pictures of your smile. Every aspect of All Smiles Dental has been engineered and designed to make the best patient experience possible.

The beautiful building is not the reason to choose All Smiles Dental

The reason to choose All Smiles Dental for your Dental Home is our team of professionals. The team at All Smiles Dental live by the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Dr. Suter is the most down to earth, caring person. He has searched everywhere to recruit and hire the absolute best of the best, like-minded office staff, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentist. Everyone at All Smiles Dental believes in our vision for our office. If you want a Dental Home and not just a dental office where people know your name and truly care about you like family, then choose All Smiles Dental.

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